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3 thoughts on “Mission
  1. Sam,
    It was great (me racing – you riding) with you this past weekend in Butte. Your support and encouragement during the race was appreciated. You’re a class act. Bill Schultz confirmed that fact! Shoot me an email to continue the dialog.
    Bill 1.5

  2. Sam, My pleasure and honor to have shared a moment in time with you. One never knows why people are destined to meet. You have touched my heart with your joy and excitement about life as I see you are one very engaged human being.

    Take good care, -eileen

  3. Hi Sam,

    We met at TEDx Kish. Your inspiration and story gave me hope, and brought tears to our eyes. I met with you in the hotel before you were leaving, I talked about my friend who is only 25 years of age and in a climbing accident has lost his movements. Is it possible for you to talk to him? A half hour conversation with you will give him so much hope and determination. Please let me know what we need to do next. Thank you for your determination and inspiration.

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