An Amazing Meeting

My family and I had the wonderful privilege of meeting an inspiring little girl and her family.  Reese became an amputee last year due to medical complications.  It hasn’t affected her spirit at all, as she came bounding out of the car to play at the park.


ReeseSam RSrunning SamNavarrofamilyReese had Cinderella on her socket, the first one that Marc Murfitt has put on.  We are so excited to get to know this amazing family even more!

Working on something NEW

It has been a long time since an update on my racing, speaking, family, well just about anything.  We are still here!  At this time we are working on growing our own business, as a family:  no LIMBitations.  Our website is different and still a work in progress as Sara becomes, editor/marketer/programmer/brochure and business card maker!

We continue to enjoy the Lakewood area of Colorado, but Montana will always be where our heart is, and we hope one day to return to the Big Sky Country.

For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of videos that have reminded me how far our family has come:

Sam Learning to Walk

Sam Parallel Bars

Sam’s 1st Steps



photo 4

Sam with his wife Sara, daughter Amelia, and son Nolan

Sara’s excellent adventure…

Sara is doing wonderful in Africa and loving each moment from the sounds of her emails to me. As always, Sara has managed to keep herself on the run spending time with the children at the orphanage, The Hope House, volunteering at the CMA headquarters in Gabon, and staring in a skit about Malaria, playing the lead role of a mosquito. As a result, she is pretty tired at days end from all the running around. But if you know Sara, she wouldn’t have it any other way. While I miss her very much I am so proud of her.

She’s met some wonderful people and thanks to not knowing much if any French and then her mispronunciation of words… there are many shared laughs. She said the kids love it when she attempts to speak in French because it makes them laugh. She setup a snapfish account with photos of her trip for those that are interested, drop me an email and I will try to get you setup to view the pictures. In the meantime I will post a few here as well.

I love this curious little boy, and I imagine despite his shyness, Sara was dying to give him a big hug…she has a lot of love to share with all of them.

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Brief update on Sara

 A quick update on Sara, more to come tomorrow once I get a chance.

Sara is having an amazing time as we would have all anticipated. She has sent me several emails and all of them are filled with comments regarding how amazing the experience is and how wonderful it is to be there interacting with all the people and chilren. Thus far most of her time has been spent getting settle in and figuring out the lay of the land and teh various programs and plans that are being developed in Gabon.

Today, or is it yesterday now, Sara went to a small village for church. She said that the ride was pretty wild with 7 people in the front of a small truck and 8 more packed in the back. The service was amazing Sara said with all the African singing and dancing etc. For those of you that know Sara you can only imagine the smile she must have had on her face and her heart hearing the African’s singing and worshiping.

Supposedly she is going to try and get some picture on the blog or to me.  I will do my best keeping all posted.

On the home front I had a wonderful 4th with my parents relaxing and taking in the beautiful Flathead. Everytime I visit in the summer I wonder why I would live any where else, so beautiful.

Coming into AFRICA!

I am here in AFRICA everyone!  I made it safely with only a few bumps and hitches:)  I will try to get a picture or two out by tomorrow.  It is 10:30pm here in Gabon, but I think that it is only 3:30m there.  I love you all!!!