Family Time

Arches in the morning

Sam, Amelia, and I were able to enjoy some fun, family travel time–hence the blog absence.  We headed down to Southern Utah to enjoy some warm weather, riding in the great outdoors, and generally just being with each other.

We were joined by grandparents, and two other friends that are like brothers to Sam.  Amelia was able to play outside everyday!!!!!!  Why so many exclamation points?  Well, our weather in Bozeman hasn’t been ideal.  Sam rode to his heart’s content, making his “bros” work hard to keep up, and I sunbathed/got burned, but it was glorious!

Our trip was cut a little short with some issue with our Sprinter-camper van.  But my amazing do-it-yourself husband, has been working hard to get “Sprite the Sprinter” up and running for our next adventure.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Spring!


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