Something bigger…

With the blink of an eye the final days of prep have come to a close and race day is only hours away. All has gone according to plan thus far as training goes. I have remained healthy, the efforts have been completed and banked; now all I can do is execute my game plan as I have trained, and let the clock draw the conclusions.

Since arriving here in the village everything has become a bit of blur you could say. Meals are like taking a trip around the world both by the variety of food to the sea of languages and cultures encountered. This journey has taken me to the far reaches of the world having experienced many things.  However,  nothing compares to the magnitude of the games.

Only time will help me to process all that I am experiencing here in the village and in competition but one thing is for certain, the Paralympics are about so much more than sport. At the heart of the games are the athletes, the medals, the sport.  To the layman the visceral connection is one of amazement often a defying of nature really. For so long we have created a frame work of normality that guides us in determining what we may or may not be capable of. But the Games do not march to the drum beat of conventional thinking. To experience the Paralympic games is to be challenged to dream, to explore, and to live unbridled.

Walking into the Stadium of 80,000 people during the Opening Ceremony I could feel the admiration of the crowd and the excitement for the competition. But it was looking into their eyes  that told the real story. We had all gathered to move one another in the direction of a better world. A world in which being normal is as simple as chasing a dream with 100% of your being… a world of ability… a world with out limitations.

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  1. Sam!
    We just watched the time trial. So proud of you. Can’t wait for the next race! Watching and cheering for you all the way across the pond!
    Josh and Rebecca

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