14,000 feet

Today our family went up to Mt. Evans to experience the elevation at 14,000 feet.  I strive to have my children experience the Great Outdoors as much as possible.  I believe that teaching them to enjoy being outside at an early age will help cultivate that love for nature that I have deep within me.  As we climbed the short trail to the top, Amelia (my 4-year-old daughter) was hiking her little heart out.  She wasn’t thinking that the air was thin, or her legs were tired.  She was having fun with her family, experiencing something new, and choosing to have a happy heart!  I was reminded of how each of us can either expand our horizons, or limit ourselves when we are presented with a “mountain to climb”.  As my daughter says, “each day is new and fresh”, so what will you do with your new day?  When you summit that peak, the view is breathtaking, but the sense of accomplishment is just as sweet.


Nolan and Sam hiking Mt. Evans


Sam, Nolan and Amelia at Summit Lake

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